View Full Version : What i hope they change before release

01-30-2017, 02:37 AM
1. Bleed effect on the Nobushi and Peacekeeper shouldn't kill but instead leave the opponent at 1 hp and auto regen does it's thing that it already does.

2. Peacekeepers Grab into 3 stab bleed does to much damage. The damage of the 3 stabs needs to be tone down. The bleed isn't the main thing causing all the damage it's those 3 stabs.

3. Dodging or dashing idk what to really call it needs to cost some amount of stamina. Everyone needs to learn how to Parry and instead of acting like their hyped up on some drug.

4. Warlord has to much health, hits like a truck, has the speed ( in some areas ) of a peacekeeper and orochi, and has amazing follow up attacks that deal alot of damage when combined with his shield and head butt abilities. All the while almost rarely running out of stamina. This character really needs to have his stamina usage per attack adjusted because in the right hands he can be unstoppable.

5. An Nobushi's Hidden Stance needs to be adjusted so it works like Conqueror and Warlords Full Guard. For anyone that tried to use this ability you know that you are more likely to switch from left to right ( and in many cases get your self killed ) instead of the move being executed as it should upon command.