View Full Version : "Honor" Preference for Dominion Gametype

01-29-2017, 08:46 PM
As someone who through and through respects the 1v1, it is very frustrating to go in to dominion to participate in objective-based war-style gameplay to only be ganged up on by 3 or 4 enemies. I have read that a number of people do not share in my beliefs, which is why I bring up the idea to have a preference while matchmaking for dominion to prefer playing with those that do respect the 1v1. Even having to face 2 enemies is fine to me since it is not impossible, especially with the right strategy, but being faced with 3 or more is near impossible, if not totally.

For those who may say that leaving a teammate to a 1v1 is "disrespectful," I do not believe it is such. If anything, it is respecting that two people are in battle to prove their worth. Yes, I could choose to play 1v1, but I do not find that as enjoyable since I both enjoy objective-based gameplay (domination) and find most times that a single 1v1 where the winner gets reset to full health, this is not much of a challenge. However, if I were to 1v1 somebody and turn to move on only to find another enemy in my way, that is where the true challenge (and fun) lies. I may be at less health than my new foe, thus requiring me to rely on my skills to see me live through these encounters.