View Full Version : stronghold bullsh*t

01-29-2017, 03:23 PM
wow, that was bs..my faction (samurai) was one territory away from making it to the knight's stronghold..we should've won the turn (it was 49% to 51% in our favour right before the turn ended), but nope..miraculously they won the turn? i was so curious what would happen if you make it to a stronghold. :mad:

01-29-2017, 06:00 PM
Well on a design point, while it is possible it should be mathematically improbably that you would reach a base of a opposing faction. Primary reason is the lack of areas where X faction has to place down war assets compared to Y faction has a multitude of war assets to play upon pieces of land to assault and defend.

The thing about this 3 faction system is that it really is a way to get people to play a ranked mode without it feeling like ranked. Design wise we are just playing a 1v1 game with the narrative and the ranked system propping up the illusion of a three faction war. This is no Dark Age of Camelot where you had all three factions fight each other. All we're doing is placing post game war assets after fighting a singular faction.

Maybe if this game does take off and gets a sequel they will take the actual risk and give players the rare opportunity to actually experience a 1v1v1 battlefield system creating the For Honor experience that they are selling in terms of the narrative.