View Full Version : Cheating issues and punishment need to enhance

01-29-2017, 10:18 AM
In the recent years, cheating is a big problem on PC platform. Cheaters are increasing, they become more arrogant and damage fair play environment.

What make player disappoint is, cheaters still here and nothing can stop them. Although Rainbow Six Siege have Battleye for protection, cheaters still can hide the detection and enter the game. Battleye have an update and successful ban some cheater, and it become useless now because cheater also update their trainer.( Cheating tools also have update, how incredible)

The anti-cheat detection, and punishment should change, in order to block and stop the harmful cheater.


Detection should force quit the game when detect cheat/unknown software running.
Account will be suspended (cannot login, 72 hours extra cold down punishment)(cheater will be ban forever for cheating, no 2nd chances)
IP address/MAC address/Hardware ID will also add to blacklist (prevent cheater switch account)
Battleye need to update every 48 hours
Submit cheating tools/ report cheating selling will have bonus(for example: game coins)

The current policy on cheating is not effective, and not enough to deal with them. Banning the account is not enough anymore, it is suggested to ban their IP address and MAC address in order to stop them affect fair play player once and for all.

We bought the game for entertainment, it is not reasonable that player need to handle cheating issues. :mad:
This cheating policy and procedures should apply for all games

02-11-2017, 06:06 AM
I am so angry as I met cheater again in rank match. The game just release the latest update Velvet Shell and cheater hide the detection successfully again.:mad:

It is time to release new features for Rainbow Six Siege, target is for general player. (Previous suggestions are for game company.)

Match Report
There are two aspect for anti-cheat, the first is detect and punish cheaters by game studio, and the second is report and capture evidence by fair-play players.

Rainbow Six should provide Match Report on Rainbow Six website, which will contain player profile(user name/id, K/D...etc)(just like Battlefield battlelog)

Sometime we will forget the cheater id/username, the match report will allow fair-play user to track cheaters, and report them directly.


Enable spectator mode, to allow user watch the match, or replay the match gameplay will be a good way to catch cheaters too. Kill camera is a useful way to identify cheater, if we can review the kill cams, it will be helpful to report a cheater.