View Full Version : My Experiences and what is wrong

01-29-2017, 02:30 AM
Well there is not much wrong in the but:

-on some Maps the enemy starts to fly around after you trow them of the cliffs
usually happens on duel maps.

-the error for match making.
sometimes a match won't be found but you cannpt go back and have to hard close the game.

-after enough people left the game for a new dominion round, you can just leave it too, because there wont come new player

-i ancountered an error about gaining nothing because servers took to long after a AI duel.
which made an order to do AI duels impossible.

about balancing..i didn't had much palancing problems. but i don't understand the conqueror
i totaly lose playing him but there are a lot who seem to be annoying as sh#t playing them.

inviting in fights is not realy easy. are you realy suposed to go into uplay.
look at friend whispers and then join the group in for honor?
why is there no ingame message?

and btw..why can't i play today now? wasn't it supposed to be till 30.1?
just invited a fiend on twitch and wanted to play with him. but now i can't enter the game anymore
EDIT: yai! can play again!!!!
so it was just an error :)

Edit 2:
just had a strange match making in dominion..with my first day playing friend..and against a super high rank gold armor warden
so our teams there wreked in no time. i mean it looked like he atacked with heavy attacks faster then my warden with light ones
it made no fun to figh him together with 1 or two or 3 other people all the time while he alone kills 3 of our team alone

i mean the match was like lvl 2, 3 ,5 ,6 vs 6, 4, 5, super multiple times lvl 20 super rank with golden armor and ornaments and all the stuff

01-29-2017, 03:13 AM
I don't know where people get the 1/30 thing.

It states the beta is until 1/29, 8PM EST