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01-28-2017, 10:58 PM

I started with the game on friday and somewhat hated it for various reasons like getting stabbed into the back, low hp guys running away, getting rekt to much. I wanted to like the game so I somehwat kept playing and today I was somewhat enjoying myself. What I did was:

Accept people sometimes getting away in 4v4 but its ok because I take the objective while they do.
Increased my fov (on PC) and realized there is a marker when your beeing sourrounded, if you block in this direction the revengebar fills up super quick which let me stall multiple opponents therefore buying time for my teammates.
Realized that I have to learn the game step by step, so I went to fight bots to learn certain moves without beeing under pressure, later on went into 1on1 to further learn those moves and other basicis like Parry/block/dodge. Playing peacekeeper and it took me quite a wihle to learn the stabby stab combo. I also asked other players for advanced advice. For the peacekeeper I was told: Against shortrange: Parry into Grab into stab is unblockable. Against Longrange better deflect.
I know this sounds stupid but if your not a talent which most of the people out there arent you gotta ask yourself "Do I want to like the game", If yes you wanna spend some time with your fav hero and learn combos and basicis against bots, its faster and less frustrating. If no i suggest you better quite now because I do not see a way to not invest time in learning the basics and still have fun duels...
The game sadly has a high entry barrier for the average player.

01-28-2017, 11:11 PM
but how am i supposed to complain about it if i take the time to learn things instead of having a gut reaction?

01-29-2017, 01:33 AM
Good advice! I am going to do just that. I was loving the game at first but as I lvled up the learning curve got harder and harder. Beginning to get extremely frustrated with the blocking system and being on the receiving end of so many 2v1 and my fav is the samurai chick so far.