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01-28-2017, 10:08 AM
Greetings everyone!

Hope you're all enjoying the BETA and smashing the liviing s*** out of eachother. I know I am, but i've pondered abit about the game and frankly, i'm concerned about it's lifespan.
I thought i'd voice my thoughts in here and let the rest of you add your thoughts aswell.
Let me apoligise in advance for my english, it's not my native tongue :D

First and foremost; the battle mechanics are awesome. I love the fact that in this game, you can actually win because you're good rather than because you have good gear. Massive did an amazing job at that. The multiplayer plays very well - atleast for me on ps4 - and the added multiplayer types in the release will no doubt make this aspect of the game even better. But here's my concern;

What is the progression in this game?

I know the game is all about battle and as such, pvp is the major focus. I'm fine with that. But what do we get out of it? And if we get nothing out of it, wont' it get a bit repetitive?

There's no real character building. As such, the RPG-element is none-existant.
Breaking down the actual RPG-element we get:
- new feats
- new customization designs
- new gear

All of these elements can certainly give you some sense of progression in the game and make it, so that the character you play, is actually yours. Provided ofcourse, that these elements make a difference.
My concern is that they don't however.

New feats
None of the new feats define how you should play your character. They don't give you that sense of having a certain role on the battlefield. They don't make you a "tank", "damage dealer", "support" or "healer" etc. They feel more like minor tweaks and gimmicks to me. And i doubt they will. The characters are all categorized as "heavies", "assassins" and "vanguards" with the odd diferences in between. But honestly that's just a title. Having played all 3 viking classes in the beta i can safely say, that they're all the same; minor differences, same role. This game could use more diversity in class roles.
I guess what i'm thinking about is something in the lines of the Battlefield games. Large scale pvp, but still with actual roles. And i'm hoping massive in the future will make each class more specialized. I could totally see "heavies" having the role of staying put in zones and keeping them under your teams colours, while the vanguards rush the battlefield and assassins creeping along the outer lines, picking targets 1-by-1, but thats not happening atm, because the classes aren't diversified enough.

New customization designs
These give practically nothing. They're cosmetic and quite limited to be honest. They're not enough to set you apart from the other players.

New gear
Now this actually surprised me. We actually DO get new gear. The gear however, just has way too little effect on your gameplay. As mentioned earlier, this game is about skill and thats perfect. But with gear not having any notisable effect on your style of play, whats the reward actually from being good? Nothing but a higher rank. Thats it. Massive needs to find that perfect spot between craving that new gear, and still winning due to skill.

So why do we play? What is there actually in this game, to prolongue it's lifespan? I'm hoping the PVE-campaign might add something, but since there's no defined roles in this game, i highly doubt it. The game needs something rewarding inorder to keep people playing. Mindlessly running the same maps, doing the same thing, only to get a higher number on your kill-score won't cut it.
Am I expecting too much? or did I anticipate something else than what the game actually wanted to be?

Last but not least make no mistake; i'm loving the game so far, and i will be buying it. I'm just concerned that it will die out much faster than expected.

01-28-2017, 01:04 PM
I hope they bring a ranked mode asap for 4v4 and 1v1 otherwise i can see this game getting stal for a lot of people after the first few months.

01-28-2017, 07:43 PM
Indeed. A rank would be a good implimentation.

01-28-2017, 08:01 PM
I'm hoping the game will be treated like Rainbow Six: Siege. I would expect new characters and maps every couple/few months. All of which are added to the game free, with characters being purchased in-game with steel or whatever the purchased currency will be.

Additionally, I'd like to see a strictly PvE mode. Like Rainbow Six: Seige's Terrorist Hunt (obviously not that specifically, but you know what I mean). I'm not sure what the mode would be, but I'd like it to be there for the sake of variety.