View Full Version : Reward for fighting off opponents/ punishment for fleeing

01-28-2017, 06:51 AM
This is for the 4v4 doms. I hate fighting off 2 people at once and having both running away at low hp with no downside. I'd like to see some reward for fighting off opponents. The most logical and "lore" safe is giving the person who isn't running away extra feat like 70% of a kill. Something else that can be done would be when someone disengage they lose stam so they can be chased down. Sort of a opponent has been broken like in a total war game.
Now how to determine a disengage would be something like If player B goes into sprint moving X amount of distance count as broken fleeing. Apply Y amount of feat to player A and subtract Z amount of stam to player B. Maybe even feat is base on the health amount of fleeing player. Half health is half feat and points etc. I would just like to feel rewarded for pushing back 1,2, or 3 opponents without dieing. Also not to die from chasing the fleeing opponent if he is alone. I agree that if he runs to other players you can easily die.