View Full Version : leaving after one match?

01-28-2017, 12:05 AM
why do the most leave a match after just one game? why not give the other the chance for a revenge game or two? that would make way more fun. to really compare the skills with each other and also with different champs. but like this you allways have to look for another opponent after just one game most of the time.
for me it would be way more fun to have the same opponent for a few games before i switch to another. but not only in duell also in 2vs2 or 4vs4

01-28-2017, 12:54 AM
To be honest, there arnt alot of people talking in the beta test. Even though I say 'Hi, GLHF' or whatever, they simply dont reply.
Im thinking this is because people arnt aware of how to switch tabs when chatting...
However, this makes the match extremely dull. Why not fight a lv3 bot instead?

Anyways, I leave most of my games because I dont want to wait a full minute for the other players to ready up.
And with the current beta state, theres no telling if ill be stuck in a match making lobby or not.
Also, fighting the same opponent can be fun, but he already knows your tactic and same to you.
Theres no fun in fighting the same person who can already read your fighting style.

01-28-2017, 02:27 PM
i dont know, even when i play with the same champ another time i can switch my tactic with it easily. there is not only one way to play with a champs. in dominion you have to change your tactics allways since you meet the same person more often as well.
and to be honest, i did not found the chat yet myself haha ;) since i only play with the gamepad. but i use the short communication at least.
and yes sadly most did not noticed yet that they can say ready earlier after a match also. but as i said i would like to have the chance for a back fight. when i lost i wanna win at least once against someone or give the chance to stomp me to the ground.

i had allready found one person who fought me a lot of times and we both switched the champs from time to time. that was acctually so much fun that we rallied together then for 2vs2

01-28-2017, 06:25 PM
I play mostly 3 rounds(x5 matches) if other side accepts :) For me its the opposite fun like when we get to know each other in first five than it gets interesting mind games :D (damn those Nobushi & peacekeepers XD )

01-28-2017, 07:32 PM
I have seriously not found the way to chat to everyone on pc haha.i know teamchat is T and expected Y to be allchat but it didnt work...and i did not take the time to look it. :P

01-28-2017, 09:25 PM
I like to see it as, you pick your best fighter I pick mine and we see which is better. There isn't any second chances in battle so why go another round? And when I do play a 2nd round all the person does is play scummier. Constantly spamming guardbreak to throw me off the map, or forcing me to block their swings that have super armor on it so I can't hit them out the animation.