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01-27-2017, 11:14 PM
I think the game itself is really nice. The graphics are good, you have a lot to choose from as far as character preferences goes, but the servers need a little work.

My favorite character at the moment is Berserker and I believe that if you are first beginning the game and you are getting frustrated, you need to find ONE character you like playing and try to master him/her. For me I tried each character a few different times and eventually fell onto Berserker and it feels really good. The best way to go is to find someone that has a only a few abilities. The more abilities or combinations they have the harder it will be to memorize and be able to use all of them. So just make it easy on yourself and choose a character that fits your play style, you enjoy playing, and it helps if that character has a small pool of combo's.

I have been focusing a lot on the 4v4 game mode and this is what I have decided. The constant action and the amount of strategic gameplay actually is there. No two matches are the same. One match you may have to constantly run from A to C taking the points, Some matches you may have to push minions on B, other matches it would be better for your team to sit back at an objective point and trust your team to cap one other point to push to victory. I have learned that creating numbers advantage is the BEST strategy. Look around the map and see where there is a 1v1 happening and go attack to make it an advantage in numbers and have it be a 2v1. Playing with friends at this point will help a lot because of communication and strategizing together.

Ultimately I can already tell there is so much more to this game than just online multiplayer. You have the Map with all 3 factions, you have the personalization of the character, and the fighting is just so unique compared to many other games I have played. Overall I think this game is worth buying. The only thing that concerns me are the servers. As much as they say, Remember this is in Beta and you may be logged out of your game, by this time in production I don't feel like that is an acceptable position. The game is released in a little over 2 weeks and the servers shouldn't have ANY issues at this point. If they are this rough now, wait until EVERYONE that purchases the game will be on and overloads the servers even more. It reminds me of other Ubisoft titles that also have very similar issues. The Division, Rainbow Six Siege, Watch Dogs, just to name a few of the more recent titles.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed my overview. If you have any questions feel free to message me or find me on social media.

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Thanks again

01-27-2017, 11:48 PM
I thought same thing but then again they could be doing some really hard stress test on the servers too.