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01-27-2017, 07:14 AM
Dominion hasnt worked for pvp since the beginning of the beta. Figured I would create this thread so people have a channel for the response and updates on the fix. Currently on pc and it hasnt worked once. You just get stuck in a dead lobby

01-27-2017, 07:36 AM
Yeah Dominion had a lot less drops in the first two tech tests. The beta seems to have a whole load of network bugs. Maybe it might be server stress. But I have been locked into a state of forever joining games with the only option to Alt+tab and close the game.

Little trick I have found is to quit when you see a lot of people being dropped from the session then get into one that is about to start.

This needs to be fixed asap.

Once in commence chasing the new guys around. Had fun once I got in.