View Full Version : Not worth $60. Dissapointed! Couldnt play more than 2 vs 2. Error 0004000008

01-27-2017, 06:54 AM
I highly doubt this game will change much between now and when it comes out on February 14. So I will review it as it is. The content is lackadaisical at best. It is no different than what you would see in a multiplayer component of any other game, such as GTAV for example. You get missions or events, which are essentially just goals to achieve when you play the game, goals you would achieve regardless. Other than that, all you get is a multiplayer that is broken and that's it. I'm not sure if they're implementing a single player campaign as well but if they're not, Good God this game is not worth $60 dollars. The mechanics and player movement is sluggish, the characters feel not genuine and forced, the sound of the weapons clashing is mediocre. I expected sparks flying and noise enough to make me tremble when two Vikings clashed against each other, or some soulcalibur type animation when I did a combo. Instead one gets a clinking sound reminiscent of an old civil war re enactment by the VFW. Modes are few and uninteresting. A duel its just that, nothing more. No powerups, no bringing down the gates, no cool visual effects nor animations, no empathy with the characters, no archers, no trebuchets, no severed limbs. This game plainly, as I played it, does not have the content a $60 dollar game should have. Not even a $20 dollar game. As I played it, I honestly would wait until all the hype has died down and everyone realizes how they were duped and it goes on sale for 5 bucks.

01-27-2017, 11:00 AM
And you formed such radical opinion based on what? Rainbow Six Siege had the same problems with Beta. Look at it now. Did you know the game will also have a Campaign? Single player faction wars? A game like this will never be 5 bucks. Maybe in 5 years when nobody will be playing it and you will get the most desired chance to experience a problem free online game where you play with bots. You do that. I can assure that it won't have problems with connectivity when it launches.

I recommend you do a little more research about it before judging. Maybe, give it another go these days. Don't know.

01-27-2017, 11:12 AM
What bobyslick said. You obviously have shallow knowledge of the game you are playing.
The online objectives you get like "play a non-vanguard class" are not meant to be exiting missions but little extras to encourage the gamer to try out different stuff and earn some easy steel.
The animations is not meant to look like soul calibur, in case you havent noticed that game tries to look realistic.
The movements arent sluggish, they are just not "Instant". If you change your stance your character will take a very little time window to actually do that. A blow is not delivered instantly but after your character raised his weapon.
The multiplayer is not like GTA.. jesus christ. Games which focus on pvp have much more finetuning and balance going on, as well as mechanics you will only be able to use after a lot of training.

This game just isnt for you if you are not willing to learn for a long time.

01-27-2017, 11:14 AM
For the love of Odin... It's a BETA. A BETA is supposed to show the devs what needs FIXING before the ACTUAL RELEASE. People are so damn narrowminded, makes me lose all hope for humanity.

Un7ouchable 0ne
01-27-2017, 11:26 AM
it is a beta and bugs are expected, but ubisoft should be giving us dedicated servers for these multiplayer games, it has to have a constant internet connection to play. dedicated servers would eliminate most problems, lag,match waiting times, look at titanfall 1 and 2 dedicated servers work flawlessly. ubisoft are making a fortune with these games and the microtransactions its about time they gave us working products on launch day.