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01-26-2017, 11:44 PM
One thing that you should do in my opinion is to add new game mape to vary the games.
Since you have added the war between factions mode, you should add the maps based on the location of the conflict type to add two or three game maps for faction.
Plus I think you could add more interactions for maps; I saw the map of the temple you have put the possibility to close the doors and it is a good thing ... But why not add effects according to the attack and defense ?? for the group of defense closing the doors or acccendere Focolare to evoke more soldiers; instead to attack the intervention of catapults and arrows for example (small bonus, anything that can over-turn the battle) and apply it to all maps.
However, I hope that the connection of the instability of the beta there is not also in the finished product.
However removing these things is a great game.
ps: forgive my bad English