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01-26-2017, 09:29 AM
So I have been a big fan of Ubisoft's games, I've played nearly all the Assassin's creed games, and I've played and finished Far Cry 3 and 4. I recently upgraded my PC to allow me to play higher demanding games. My old card was a GTX 650, and i upgraded to an RX 480 4 gb. I bought Assassin's Creed Unity and tried to run it, and i was greated with a nasty shock. When I'm loading in, I experience like 600-700 fps on the black screen, but as soon as i get in the game, my frames sit on like 1-2 fps for a good 10-20 seconds for they go to about 10-20 with frequent drops to around 4-5 fps whenever i try turn the screen to look around. When I climb to the tops of buildings i get like 30-40 fps if I'm lucky, and when jumping across rooftops it drops to like 10-20 again. I'm quite sure my PC can handle this game on 60 fps AT LEAST.
My Specs
Cpu - FX 8350
Gpu - RX 480 4 gb
RAM - 8 gb
My friend owns a GTX 750 Ti which is a much cheaper card and he gets 40-50-60 fps 40 being the lowest on high graphics. My frames stay the same no matter if I'm on LOW or ultra graphics, its always extremely low and unplayable. I've gotten to the "Advanced Soldier" point in the game and its come to the point where I can't have fun in the game anymore, and i need to fix this issue so i can continue to play the game. I've thought about just rushing the game and finishing it so i know the story line at least, but i payed good money for this game and i don't want to rush the game, but have an enjoyable experience. I've had no problems with low fps in any other games, I get above 60 fps in every other game, LoL, Overwatch, Witcher 3 ect. As for Ubisoft games, I tried to play Assassin's Creed Rogue and i found I was sitting above 60 fps with no drops. The only game I experience this low horrible fps is UNITY. I had considered buying Syndicate after i finish Unity, but the only thing holding me back is, will I get this horrible experience again? I would love to buy your next game in the series as i am a great fan of the Assassin's Creed games. Let me know if you have a solution for this fix, I would appreciate any help to fix the game! I would have so much fun playing this game on 60 or above fps.

01-26-2017, 02:58 PM
Hi SonofSea and welcome to the forum.

Some games perform better on AMD or Nvidia Unity performs better on Nvidia.Which is why it performs better on the gtx 750 ti (especially if he has an intel CPU)
Your system should probably be getting 25 to 45 fps on ultra, changing a few setting should improve that but not a lot.

Your FX 8350 is the minimum spec and is probably holding back performance a bit.

Are you using win 10? if yes have you turned off game dvr in the xbox app?

my pc
i7 6700k
z 170 maximus rog ranger
16 gb ddr4 @3000Mhz
gtx 1070 (my gtx 980 ti overheated sob :( )
m.2 chip drive

I play on a 2560x 1440p monitor but just at 1920x1080 playing hitman using dx12 I get a minimum 26 FPS... because it prefers AMD http://www.pcgamesn.com/nvidia-gtx-1070-benchmarks

In unity I get 60 fps at 1080p
and less at 1440p
But I do not max out settings I adjust to what suits me and my system...

Syndicate will perform better.

EDIT I do not know a lot about AMD sorry, Lignjoslav is great but not here at the moment but I think there are 1 or 2 fixes for amd cards like this here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpaFYvsHdLE

01-27-2017, 07:06 AM
Hey strigoi1958
Hey man thanks for a quick response, and that's a pretty neat looking bike you got yourself.
Ah, i see. Some games run better with AMD, and some run better with Intel. It'd be just about my luck that the games i like the most are optimized better for Intel, not Amd. No, my OS is Windows 7. Nice PC, shame about your 980 ti though :( . That really kinda sucks your even experiencing 26 fps with a PC like that, makes me feel a little bit better though to know how greatly the "AMD" or "Intel" preference in games actually affects the fps. I play on my ultra wide screen, "2560x1050". A solid 60 fps in unity is great, because the Intel specs you've got, right, makes sense. So, you're saying if i were to play hit man, I would be getting higher fps than you, because of the AMD preference? Also, when you say "Syndicate will perform better" Does that mean i will be getting a constant 60 fps so i can actually play the game and have fun? If not, please let me know so i can reconsider buying the game. That's fine you don't know much about AMD, hey, you replied and helped a friend in need and taught him a thing or two, much appreciated! Thanks for the link, i will try see if i can use this to fix my fps! I'll keep you updated with what happens after!

Thanks again friend!

01-27-2017, 03:35 PM
I usually just enjoy the game, performance is not something I worry about, I like gameplay and characters.... FarCry 3 was amazing with Vaas, Citra, Willis, Hoyt, Buck and Sam "BLITZKRIEG" :)
and co-op in FC4 is brilliant, reset the outposts and 2 of you going around on a buzzer sniping enemies in fortresses and outposts is fun.

I find, as long as I get 30 FPS I'm good.

Yes in Hitman, (and Deus Ex MD and DOOM to mention just a few) if you use dx12 your performance will smash a lot of nvidia cards and my 1070 is nvidia pascal architecture that is supposed to be better using dx12... but that's not important :) I can get a bit more performance using dx11 if I wanted and if you look at the performance of some of the other 1070's at the bottom of that link they get minimums of 3 or 5 fps in hitman. but that's why fps counters are not always useful... minimums and maximums do not mean much... if the game glitches for a micro second it might produce a figure of 2 fps or 200 so average is always the best, your pc is definitely good enough to play and enjoy Unity in its full glory.

Unity was a huge leap forward... it allows us to enter buildings in lots of different ways and none of them need a cutscene or animation, plus the size of the city and the detail means that our pc's are doing a lot of work. I'm sure I've seen 1 or 2 ways that AMD users have bumped up performance but because of its size, changing from high to medium or low doesn't have much effect.

I saw a lot of guys on here when Syndicate came out saying they got 30% better performance over Unity so I guess anyone averaging 40 would get 55 FPS, As I said anything over 30 is good for me, when mafia 3 came out I played it twice locked at 30 fps even though the patch was released that unlocked the fps for the second replay. It didn't make any difference the game was good. :)

The only Syndicate performance I could find for an FX 8350 had an r9 280x and was averaging over 40 fps with everything very high but I found a video comparing your rx 480 to the r9 280x and it performs 25% to 50% better in different games so I am guessing but I think it safe to assume you'd get at least 50FPS average and a little tweaking could average around 60.


you'll see the rx 480 gets over 60 in some games the 280x only gets 40

My friend in the U.S (Oregon and also uses an rx 480 ) plays on a widescreen like you... it gives him a huge advantage over me when we co-op... he says "take out the guard on the left" and I don't see the guard because my screen doesn't show as much as his :) also when we play r6 siege he always gets more kills because he sees the whole room while I only see the middle of the room... I think more gamers will move into widescreen soon.

That's a very old picture when I had a race tuned suzuki gsxr 1100, I've had loads of bikes since then and my wheelies are a lot better now :)

01-28-2017, 07:50 AM
Hey man thanks for all the information! 50 - 60 fps is fine! I guess I will give syndicate a try, hopefully I wont be let down by the 10-20 fps first loading in. FarCry 3 was a great game, they really did the characters really well! (I hate Citra though). Vaas was probably the most badass villian in any game I've ever played though, (Pagan was good as well). Also, is it free to upgrade to Direct X 12? I believe i have direct x 10 now... Not sure if i can upgrade though... Ive gone onto the amd site to try find a download link to direct x 12 but it just took me to the Radeon crimson drivers which i already have. On your last post, I followed the steps to the video but no luck, game still runs at 10-20-30 fps with drops to below 10 fps constantly... " Your PC is definitely good enough to play and enjoy Unity in its full glory." That's good to know! Still no luck with a fix though. About the widescreen, yes i agree. I've noticed so much more success in games ever since i got this (About a month ago). Its so much easier to see your enemies and even makes immersive games feel even more like your in the game. So, your a bike racer?. Oh, and about "Lignjoslav", the guy that's really good with amd? Any idea when he will be around? I would really like to fix, if not improve the fps I'm getting in Unity.
Thanks! :)

01-28-2017, 11:40 AM
You should be running dx11 with an option to choose dx10 in some games. To check you can either open a CMD window or use the run box in your start button and type dxdiag when it opens it will display your directx version at the bottom of the system information on the first page. Like in the picture from my desktop below in the spoiler, just click the show button.

Directx12 only works with win 10. I knew win 10 would have advantages even though it was going to have problems in the beginning (Which it did) and even though I loved win 7 and hated win 8 I jumped on the free upgrade to win 10 when it was available last year and now I look at this article with game mode coming to win 10 to increase FPS I'm glad I did.


I just sent a PM to Lignjoslav so hopefully he'll get an email saying he received a message on the forum and head over here.


01-29-2017, 07:07 AM
Ah, i see. Yes, i am running dx11, thankfully. Also, thanks for sending Lignjoslav a message!

01-29-2017, 05:15 PM
Have you tried this: in GFXSettings.ACU.xml you can change the option Name="REFLECTIONS" in that line where it says Registered="True" change it to "false".
For some people it gives an fps boost without noticeable visual change.

The file should be in your documents folder/ Assassin's creed unity/GFXSettings.ACU and after you alter and save it, right click the file, go to properties and select Read Only so the game cannot change the setting back from false to true.

but remember ignore minimum fps only average fps means anything.

02-01-2017, 07:45 AM
So i did what you said, I haven't tried the game out yet, im just about to now. I'll let you know what the performance was like in my next post. Just 1 thing, I recently found under computer properties, my ram said 8 GB INSTALLED - (4 GB USABLE) I looked all over the net looking for answers, so many people were talking about turning off some setting in msconfig, but that didnt work for me. I tried updating the bios, everything. I finally did some troubleshooting and i found out one of the ram sticks was actually broken (I have 2x4gb). Do you think this might be why my fps are dropping so low? Because i was actually playing with 4 Gb ram this whole time?

02-01-2017, 06:01 PM
very probable, because Unity does require 6gb ram minimum and 8gb recommended. so that is almost certain to be a performance issue. If you can afford it I would buy 1 8gb stick of ram and sell the good 4gb ram, :)

02-05-2017, 12:20 PM
Ok. Thanks for the recommendations, i will try! Hopefully the ram fixes it. I tried "in GFXSettings.ACU.xml you can change the option Name="REFLECTIONS" in that line where it says Registered="True" change it to "false". I tried this, but i couldn't notice any noticeable change. Maybe a tad less freezing. Ill get back to you when i buy my 8 gb of ram. It might be a while though because I'm poor :P

02-25-2017, 09:10 AM
So I've conjured up enough money for some ram, and i now have a working 8 GB. I Loaded into Assassin's creed unity, and Voila! I'm managing a constant 40-50-60 fps even in a huge croud of people. If anyone ever asks you for help in this category, be sure to tell them to get more ram, worked like a charm for me! no more frequent fps drops to 10 fps and a stable high playable fps. Thanks friend for helping!