View Full Version : Sell all your old games on Uplay now! Update game servers too.

01-26-2017, 02:52 AM
Ubisoft is having a hard time making money. I know why. They don't even have any of their old games on Uplay for PC download.

There is humble bundle and other website which gives keys to Uplay. I don't even know why they are not buyable on their shop. This is stupid. Even EA is not that stupid.

EA brings back their old games for free on the house and add them onto Origin. Steam is doing the same thing with old games from the 90's. Same with GOG which was the original to bring up that idea.

I got rainbow Six Vegas on Humble Bundle. I do not see it in shop. This is the stupidest decision on Uplay. It has co-op and would like to buy for my friend. There is no way of getting it other than buying from one of those website such as humble bundle.

Bring all your games you have published on to Uplay. It is a win, win for everyone. Ubisoft makes more money and can have decent sales. People can get the games they missed from the 90s+ even those who just want them for collection.

There are a couple of games I do want for my collection that you can no longer get your hands on.

Compatibility Issue
What I also don't get is why Steam has the First Ghost Recon, but it is unavailable on Uplay. I don't mind an update version of Ghost recon with Uplay server because the one on steam is not playable on Windows 8+. Some kind of restriction that bugs out the game from launching.

If EA was able to make their old games compatible to later versions of windows. Ubisoft should be able to do the same. It is no excuse. It maybe the DRM or some sort of outdated system support thing. But it should be able to get around those just like majority of the old games on steam. Maybe you should look at GOG version and some how bring it over to Uplay as majority of the GOG games are backward compatible.

Also as it would be on Uplay. I think it would be great to update all the co-op games to Uplay server and discontinue the old servers like how steam does it for Steam server.

I don't mind the multiplayer games not being updated. Majority of the Ubisoft titles at the beginning was done with co-op that was the main reason to buy the games since Rainbow Six or the first Ghost Recon.