View Full Version : got a invite from friend but not showing up in my games..

01-25-2017, 10:18 PM
got a invite from friend accepted it but can not find it any where. hope someone can help.

01-26-2017, 01:34 AM
Try looking under "My Games" and see if For Honor is listed there -- that's where you get the download.

01-26-2017, 02:30 AM
To me what did the trick was login in specifically through account.ubisoft.com/us

Then, on the bottom right there is a section for beta keys. Look for it there.

01-26-2017, 04:43 AM
Same thing, got the mail and logged into account management where it says that my account is eligible to access one beta - For Honor, yet it doesn't show up in my game library. There's a big thread going on about this on the Technical Support forum and many other PC users have the same issue. I suppose we have to wait untill beta starts.