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01-25-2017, 06:23 PM
hey guys,

wanna know waht ur predictions are regarding question above. Would be nice if u could write 1-2 sentences, why u made ur choice.

So, I ll start.

1. Orochi - many people like samurai and assassins and this just fits in that
2. Raider - basically the same just for vikings and those guys like the typical, bulky viking
3. warlord - same reasons as the raider
4. peacemaker - just the assassin dual wielding female knight
5. warden - the class for the knight lovers - looks very aesthetic and playes smoothly
6. kensei - the counterpart to the warden, just not as easy getting used to
7. concquerer - also very cool looking, but getting harder used to
8. berserker - lots of viking liking dual wield stuff, but it is hard to getting to have succeed with early on, so manye viking guys will pick raider instead (my guess)
9. shugoki - just not very aesthetic, but there will be a few.

Im really interested in what u guys think, especially if there is an expert what they think how it will look like in "higher ranked play".


01-25-2017, 06:43 PM
TBH I think the Shugoki should be a bit higher up, coz I know a few of my friends really like that type of aesthetic, even though I can't understand how it's really that appealing.

01-25-2017, 06:44 PM
ii wonder if i should worry lol i like the zerker

01-25-2017, 08:02 PM
In the beta likely the three new characters will be played more, I'll but down my predictions. My list will be a bit biased towards knights so yeah lol
My predictions: (for beta predictions just leave out Lawbringer, Valkyrie, and Shugoki)

1. Orochi (Was popular in the alpha and I think he will stay pretty popular)
2. Warden (He is just kind of the standard, he is also one of the first warriors we were introduced to)
3. Raider (Vikings and Vanguard. I feel like Vanguards are going to be used the most because we saw them first and they are the balanced class)
4. Kensei (again vanguard, also the only reason why this is lower than the Raider is because I think people will pick Orochi over Kensei at first.)
5. Lawbringer (Honestly hybrids should probably be on top since they are the most unknown classes and people will likely be keen on trying them, such as myself.)
6. Peacekeeper (Sounds like a lot of people are excited to use her, including myself lol.)
7. Valkyrie (Viking Hybrid.... With a shield...)
8. Nobushi (Below Valkyrie because I am surprised about the lack of rejoicing from the Samurai community for the fact that she is in the beta.. Unless I just missed it lol)
9. Warlord (I've heard a lot of Viking players express their excitement for him)
10. Conqueror (Unique weapon and Knight heavy..)
11. Shugoki (I am not sure on the consensus of this guy just yet, he seems pretty cool though.)
12. Berserker (Least played in the Alpha, I think he'll sort of stay down there. I could easily be wrong though, especially since they've reworked him a bit.)

I generally think that there won't be any vast differences in character usage. I think one may be played more than another but not by too large of a margin.

01-25-2017, 08:40 PM
Orochi's will probably be the most common followed by the warden and peacekeepers. Either that or whatever "OP" hero the community deems fit to use and abuse till patches or whatever.

Least played with, probably be the shugoki, conqueror and.........maybe the kensei.