View Full Version : 2 quality of life suggestions

01-25-2017, 05:34 PM
I came across this when I wanted to pre-download a new game:

1) If we are playing one game, please do not block downloading a different one. It is silly and bad design to block it, many of us have plenty of bandwidth. No reason to watch an idiotic download screen (or play a different vendor's game) when we could be playing a ubi game.

2) Allow logging in to uPlay from more than one computer. Block playing the same game in two computers if you wish, but don't log us off the first!!! I was in the middle of a WatchDogs game on my laptop when I logged into my desktop to preload ForHonor. Next thing I know I got unceremoniously booted off the laptop game. Bad, bad design!!! Same thing here, you sent me to a competitor's game while waiting for the download to end.

In other words, bad uPlay design (uPlay, not the games themselves) is promoting the competition's game.