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01-24-2017, 03:55 PM
(Playstation 4)

Sver True BLoods and our corporate sponsor wish you the best of luck in the upcoming. Closed Beta WE also like to get a jump on looking for the finest soldiers/warriors out there for full release. our community was able to acquire a large chunk of beta access keys and will be running sync events during the beta. Any one that wishes to join us and test out duels, siege strategy and builds feel free to drop a line. As well we will be streaming events and taking request on class play.

To those that wish to find Brotherhood. Sver True Blood was est. 2009 on PS3 in a game known as MAG. A FPS community based game. From there we grew and morphed into a FPSMMO Giant in EVE online and Dust514. See links for videos websites community pages. Known for our extreme personalities and die-hard members we tend to draw attention from many avenues. Hence our Senior sponsor Split-Knuckle Gaming.

I Guild Master/CEO - Quickgloves aka Baby Jesus am a loud strong confident raid leader that has been playing MMORPG/Strategy/Sandbox games for over a decade.
It is your chance to find family and friendship while destroying those that stand against us. As one we conqueror all as few we fall .

SVER True Blood- A flood of Bloods is coming.

We ARE SVER we are the infected many that maintain chaos an controversy... we slash into conformity with anarchy an glee.

Fight to survive, Survive to kill.

Life has always been about survival, not power. Brotherhood is loyalty, loyalty is honor, honor is SVER!

Blood in Blood out. STB OG 4 life



01-24-2017, 03:57 PM

reference link to us in the closed alpha.