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01-22-2017, 10:03 AM

I was watching new videos from https://forhonor.ubisoft.com/game/en-US/how-to-play-tips/index.aspx (beta bild, i guess) and noticed some disappointing moments.
At first its a strange "kiddy" color paterns... like pink and acid green for the characters.... I understand that For Honor is not a historical game, but what the hell? This Pinky Sugoki or acid green berserker looks very ridiculous. Who and for whom have done it? What's next? "Hello kitty" emblems? No, thanks.

The second thing i am complaining about..... "Special effects overload". When 2 or 3 fighters activates skills,buffs,debuffs e.t.c. its too much i think..... Its even hard too understand what is going on on the screen. I wish we have options to customize interface for such kind of thing...

I dont remember this in alfa bild... everything was fine.

What do people think of it?

01-22-2017, 11:51 AM
I do agree with you that the color palette should be more "reserved", and a lot of effects are overdone.
But at least in regards to the colors, while I'd also prefer to not have "silly" colors, I think a lot people likes to have more wacky customization options - and who are we to deny them?
In regards to the special effects, I think it's fair to say it needs to be toned down. They aren't so important to warrant taking up so much of the world and immersion.

At the very least we're not going to see bunny ears and latex suits customizations like in those Korean MMOs!


01-22-2017, 02:57 PM
If i had a word in this, i would cut out all the neon-colors. Nothing which looks like toothpaste comes close to my armor, i want things to look gritty.

But i guess they will keep extreme colour patterns as an option for players who like to run around with a pink Shugoki named Anl_prInczez. You can't satisfy everyone...
I would start complaining if they abolish colour scemes in favour of totally free colour choice. That would most likly mean we would run into a lot head-to-toe violet knights and whatnot. Customization is nice but it shouldnt give players the power to ruin the games visual appeal for their allies and opponents, just because they are whoring for the attention of their fellow players, which is the only motiv behind intentionally stupid outfits i can think of.

So please no Bunny-ears, Sunglasses, halloween/christmas/easter/st.patricks/valentines-outfits for longer than the actual occasion last, out of character troll-emotes or stupid sigils like the coca cola logo. (Yes, i am a humorless and bitter person, i know)

When it comes to special effects and HUD i personally go for function over form. I want them to be easily readable and give me all the info i need. I agree that they should be scaled to a minimum as long as they fulfill their role, though. Revenge mode was always a bit too overexaggurated for my taste. Maybe just the weapon could get that glow effect. They did a better job with the out-of-stamina state, where the character isnt suddenly coloured red or grey. A lot of information could just be displayed via the life bars.

Finally i want to say that i think the Battle-tips site is awsome ! Really nice to get some new content to make the wait bearable :)
I hope i do not come across too negative in this post, but there is one thing which bothers me in most of the gameplay vids they put out: It displays, well, poor gameplay. In the advanced combat video, the narrator says "For Honor is NOT a hack and slash game", while onscreen some innocent alpha testers do exactly that: Hack n slash n buttonmash because they have no experience yet. If i had no information about the game and would stumble across that footage i would be turned off and think the game has little to offer besides nice ideas. The whole depth is lost. How hard can it be for the devs to gather some good players, record some hours of gameplay and afterwards pick out the raisins which show the potential and level of mastery the game offers? In a year or so we might look back at that footage and gauntlet-facepalm hard...

01-22-2017, 03:01 PM
Ugh. I don't like color palettes like that. You can't control how color palettes apply those colors to the parts, either. That's the worst part. If you're going to have an any color goes policy (which I am fine with, provided neon is not in there), then allow a fully built color management system where you can tweak the colors and color placement as you like. That allows for a personal color statement. Wish they had just done away with the palette idea, made progression armor parts and customization, and allowed you to more finely tune color. I suspect then the creations people would come up with would have been a lot better - or - at least their own personal statement, which I would have liked better than just unlocking the pink/green crazy palette. Far better even would be to allow full on color customization, with a limited color palette, because I wouldn't like a full-on violet or pink samurai either.

01-22-2017, 05:17 PM
Frankly I like all the variations of color. What...just have black, grey, white, red and blue and that's it. We all look the same. Then everyone would be complaining about that. And the fact some women are going to be playing if they want black & red or white and pink...so what. I'd rather have more choices than fewer....to each their own.

01-22-2017, 06:03 PM
Bright colors were a status symbol back in the day, since it was fairly expensive to dye the materials. That said, I do see your point. Some of the palettes are so obnoxiously bright that they look like something out of Splatoon.

I 100% agree on the UI and effects front though, it seriously needs to be toned down. The game looked so much better back before all of extra UI and ability effects were thrown in.

01-23-2017, 04:53 PM
I say just let us make our own color palettes, like literally every other game thar allows player customization... seriously, this is so stupid.

Actualy, i was sure that restricted color paterns were made to prevent players making this ridiculous acid colors... now i dont know.:confused:

01-23-2017, 05:31 PM
My personal thoughts are allowed us to make our own custom pallets with locked colors based on attack or defender and neutral so when we max out our renowned we can truly make our Legendary warrior unique compared to others to truly show off your effort you put into your class.

01-23-2017, 05:53 PM
My personal thoughts are allowed us to make our own custom pallets with locked colors based on attack or defender and neutral so when we max out our renowned we can truly make our Legendary warrior unique compared to others to truly show off your effort you put into your class.

I think this sounds like a fantastic idea :o