View Full Version : issue with leaderboard

01-20-2017, 01:47 PM

i'm actually playing on the "rivière défunte" (in french) challenge, i have got all the medal and now i try to go in the leaderboard.

Yesterday, i was the best of today; but today after making a better time than the player's best of today time, the leaderboard don't take my times. I have restart the game and redo a better time, and the game not take it into the leaderboard..

Perhaps its due to my best time beiing better than those i have done today?

There is something i don't understand here.

I'm playing on PC. ++


EDIT (today): I have finally do a better time than my best time and i have been put on the leaderboard... So there is a bug like i was thinking at first.

Steep don't count your times on the leaderboard if your time is less than your best, its a little stupid because if you beat the best of today/week, you should be put on the leaderboard even if your time is less than your personnal record.

Hope the dev will look at this.

see ya ++