View Full Version : Terrorist hunt completion mission! Complete all T Hunt missions! (READ THIS) (PS4)

01-20-2017, 03:06 AM
I have a mission to complete every single terrorist hunt gamemode on every single map, but there is a twist.

We need a full team.
It MUST be on realistic mode.
No players can die, as soon as someone dies, it's mission failed.
Your gadget can not be destroyed (such as Yokai drone, Mounted LMG, black eye cameras, etc, gadgets such as cluster charge, exothermic charge, and other similar things, do not count, since they have to be destroyed when used, if you need more info, ask me).
Every operator has to be used on a mission at least 4 or so times, and don't just use the same operator every time.
No glitches.

If you decide to help me with this, we need to stay grouped together AT ALL TIMES, and take it slow and smart, do not just rush like an idiot. If you go into DBNO state, when you get revived, stay in the back of the group, because one shot after being revived is most likely instant death, except in protect hostage, on there you can go into DBNO multiple times. As soon as a player dies, we all commit suicide and retry the mission.

I have been looking for people to do this with me for ages, if we complete this mission, we get loads of renown, and we can also claim that we beat terrorist hunt! If you are down to help me with this, my PS4 name is kkhgjenkins.

01-26-2017, 07:53 PM
and i am just sitting here soloing realistic games, poor console kiddos need five to finish one =D