View Full Version : PS4/PC/XB1 Cross Play / Play togheter

01-19-2017, 11:16 PM
Hi ppl, i ask if can Ps4 and Pc gamers play together?
i hope that it will be able for alot reasons:

A great community is always better and more durable at time
we can to play with our friends without need the same plataform
it will be more fun and as a result more people will want to buy the game

If any moderator can reply this thread i would be grateful

01-20-2017, 03:55 AM
Not directly.

The Faction War (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1534055-Hall-of-Heroes-Guide-to-Faction-War?) aspect of the game is cross-platform, so no matter where you play, everyone sees the same map and are influencing the same map, but people on PS4 cannot player with PC players in the same match.

01-20-2017, 04:01 PM
While it might be cool for us players to have a greater community, the competitors Sony and Microsoft have no interest of forming big crossplatform communities. They are both trying to get the gamers play on their console, and having a bigger community on your console is a selling point.

If i am not mistaken, Sony is doing much better and will not remove the pressure from the XBox.

Another argument against crossplatform is, that the glorious PC-masters would be at an advantage because of their improved framerate, though that is discussable. They would also import the problem of potential cheaters, but that is a questionable point as well.

Overall, i assume the majority of gamers are in favour of cross platform play, but it is unlikly to happen as long as a game is played on ps4 and on xbox.