View Full Version : PS4 Samurai community

01-19-2017, 04:20 PM
I have started a community on the ps4 called (For Honor: Samurai Community Hub) by King_Anarki. If you are interested please join, just search community's on your ps4. Its basically for people that like and want to play samurai and hopefully get a competitive seen going against other clans. Would love to see this game get competitive it has the potential it just need the people and the push.

I was thinking of having people pick the class they want to play (of course you can have a alt class) and forming a team based upon the class make up example, having The Shugoki tank points and rotating from point to point and having The Orochi following him and killing or help killing targets. Have the The Kensei and The Nobushi harassing other people, of course this is all just a thought right now but i think its something interesting.

Here is a little something for my samurai brothers...


01-25-2017, 05:34 PM
I have a couple of beta keys going out to people in this community who joined.