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01-18-2017, 07:16 PM
The dummy being yours truly.

I am thinking about getting this game but I have no idea about how it'll work.

Seems to be a PVP 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 game. Moba-ish in design at least in some way similar to Smite.

Is there character progress? Items and the such? Any story/single player content?

Thanks any and all for any pointers.

01-18-2017, 07:50 PM
Yeah, it has Story/Single player content, but I hear you still have to have access to the Internet. Devs say you can enjoy the game by yourself if you want tho.

As far as Character Progression? I think I saw that, you lvl up your character like in Assassins Creed and as you level you unlock more abilities that you can use to customize your character. Also think I saw a vid where you can change the 'look' of your character.

Far as gameplay, I only saw the 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 stuff, like you said. As for variety, I think I saw a King of the Hill type game type too.

I dunno much info tho, I'm hoping to get in the closed beta and I'm not watching everything on YT cause half the fun is seeing it for yourself when you play for the first time~

01-18-2017, 07:53 PM
You can customize your character with different helmets and armour pieces and weapons, put cool tattoos on them and make a heraldic logo and plaster it on your guy. The gear pieces have slightly different sats so you can try to shift it towards your preferred playstyle, but it's not major stuff, so as to not cause imbalance. It's not similar to a moba at all. It's more like a fighting game. The only items you access are through your abilities, which you customize and unlock as you play. There's an entire single player campaign with a story. Nobody knows how long it'll be, if it's divided into chapters for the different factions, or any of that. But you can play it co-op, we do know that.

There are a bunch of different game modes, ranging from 1v1 duels where it's best out of 5 wins, 2v2 duels, 4v4 where you have to control certain zones to drain tickets from your opponents, and 4v4 last man standing team deathmatches.

I'd advise going on YouTube and checking out the different trailers they've put out for the game. They're all quite short, a minute or so each, but they explain the backstory of the game. And if you want to learn how combat works, I'd suggest this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZTfuVBJGrg

01-18-2017, 08:26 PM
Thanks a bunch!!!

01-18-2017, 09:39 PM
This video gives a good overview in my opinion:


01-19-2017, 09:50 AM
This video gives a good overview in my opinion:


Thanks for the video. Quite funny too. Will keep tabs on that channel going forward.

Will probably get this game, but being the chicken I am I'll wait for reviews to come out.

01-19-2017, 11:06 AM
And dont let all the amateur gameplay out there give you a false impression. The big youtubers have had no experience during the alphas and made a hughe spamfest out of it :)

Here is a link to some decent gameplay https://www.twitch.tv/handheldbrandon/v/96867747