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01-16-2017, 07:33 PM
Hi, Recently I send an e-mailed to UBISOFT regarding 'ASSASSINS CREED 2 Ezio Trilogy Remastered' so what the guy told me was. He can't promised that the developer's will make it but with all of your helps the Developers will into this issue. So my question is simply, Do You Wish To Play AC2,Revelation & Brotherhood again with new graphics( like AC Unity & Syndicate )
I would definitely say YES & i just wanna hear from y'all.

01-17-2017, 04:00 AM
You are persistent :) you've made 2 posts and both the same.

If you check out the pictures by LasseThid in post #9 in this thread

you will see the graphics are very very good in the Ezio games. What spec is your PC? are you playing them in Ultra? are you playing at 2560x1440? perhaps you could enjoy the rich graphics better if your were playing at higher resolution.

As I have said before. I think the reason the Ezio collection was released on console was because the games would not run on newer consoles and were upgraded at the same time so that previous owners could benefit from buying them a second time.

But the PC version still plays on the latest PC's and I'm not sure there is enough potential sales to convince Ubisoft to upgrade the graphics (especially when they still look amazing) for the PC.

I do not know how accurate the figures are at VGChartz.com but it states Assassin's Creed 2 was the biggest selling game in 2009/ 10 and it sold 11 million copies on console and only 550,000 on PC. While people are still getting this quality at 1920x1080 (and better at 2560x1440) I'm not sure how many people will buy again. But it is possible that Ubisoft already plans to remaster the trilogy or maybe reboot the series, like Thief did a few years ago.

Anyway I hope it happens for you.

Is there some reason why you think these are not already good enough?