View Full Version : Assassin's Creed: Unity - is the Selective map truly Selective?

01-16-2017, 06:15 PM
Hi everybody,

The Selective Map in Unity seems to be somewhat worthless to me - could somebody help me out on how it really is supposed to work? At a "high level", the only things that I can see are main missions, multi-player missions, and fast travel locations. But suppose I want to see only Chests, Side Quest missions, and Landmarks at a high level (and not zoomed in). Can we truly "select" what we want to see on the Selective Map?

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/jwv9bg1zVXvNe2cwNd7BXONYpdd6AtAbIpGHUn7Mx4ZyFM6I4b pLrRO60ljVuD0AeEguVrYwVVB-MUIFTO1CbJCCutDT7Gla25n5HE8D5VNdHjOtZkyCMyDhjYlB0f 7HsMjCJE8fdMdpvX8TYirvY8Tk8qPl6CJQ-L3LjegvKqrmXbUHCYvyhXkHzbVtnrct1fuG4Y7kg5IiJhUMk1N ws-VHfChl1lHucLzglC7jyocVBHXxlwrazSpXfHIewtm54k5sTTZC AqNz6IxsPQp_LF8YvqnMCp9Fq5A8m8ivU9KMhh0j0PlwUPRy9r iv28Qu3-WC64-rB8E5CVa3VBow4gN-Hwe7bF7ZdCrG_IvIrrLBO_BQ79boIzg5mOm8eGDIpPcyE_OnD4 RSZMGX74QSchceDe8X6-hskhq0pdM_8IoI_zXyHktNDZ1CkxMoBl2GTOdJeRarDICSDTFs eUMx0zB8bOM2RSkc2stgWLXjX_LUEXTe2d0wRBP-QNN5pIrCEXKo_gkEjludcjd-k31VsKHcRLBR_CU-erZBcXbtazffSDgBOsMb0huSTC9lRLCbGLZ2EpTeDNxlbl3wI0 UmYUGYlYegnJu9kdKD9pvwGqKqDf6Mw9nt=w2329-h1310-no

03-19-2017, 10:44 PM
Yes, I found the same. It'd be nice to be able to truly filter out some of the crap you don't want to see, but I never found the map options to be helpful with this, either.