View Full Version : Co-Op in the new AC Title

01-16-2017, 04:41 AM
Please include a better Co-Op experience with the new AC game. I have herd rumors that it was not going to be included again and I really think that is a mistake. I had the best AC experience ever playing with family and friends in Unity's Co-Op and community challenges. We were all disappointed that Syndicate did not have Co-Op and as a result the other 3 members I play with didn't even finish the game. One thing to add though, Co-Op needs a form of communication, preferably voice coms, to communicate with fellow assassins on missions. The lack of this in Unity made teaming up with random people not as desirable although I still had fun doing it. :cool:

01-16-2017, 01:33 PM
Well in Unity there is the ability to set a pointer and a countdown timer so we could time kills perfectly. Although there is uplay chat, there are other programs. I have used razor comms, discord which is great for sending pictures and files instantly... and mumble. But uplay chat is excellent. I use it in R6 siege.

Like you I too love co-op. When I started out I didn't like online gaming... and even now I do not like "run and gun" games like C.o.D, Battlefield 1 or Star wars battlefront..... 40 people running around in chaos is not my idea of fun.

First AC4 BF introduced me to how uplay friends could help... (just by speeding up my ships in Kenways fleet) then in Unity I understood how great online playing can be when you work as a team of 2 to 4 players. I enjoyed the club competitions and met lots of great people and learnt some great things from some very talented and devious Assassins :)

I missed co-op in Syndicate BUT having the choice to play some missions as Evie or Jacob was really good and the game was great.

I hope co-op does return in AC again, I love looking at the stats of my friends in the Ubi Club and look for ways to beat them. At present I play a lot of Rainbow 6 Siege with friends and it is also one of the few games you can play 1 v 1 by creating a custom match.... Plus Ghost recon Wildlands is coming out soon and the beta games in co-op is EPIC! lots of stealth and sniping and lots of planning before the attack... definitely a game that requires timing, co-operation and someone to cover you. :)

I hope the next AC game has that too. If it does (or if you get Wildlands) send me a friend invite on here or in Uplay and I'll game whenever you like.... I rely on others to carry me and make me look good :)