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01-10-2017, 08:36 PM
Greetings everyone,

We've just announced the For Honor closed beta coming January 26 - 29. That said, more details regarding the event will be shared over the coming weeks. While we encourage you to continue having discussions about all things For Honor, please refer to the official announcement thread found here (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1547240-Closed-Beta-Coming-January-26-–-29) for any questions you may have. I'll update the linked post and list below with new details and commonly asked questions as they become available.

Q. Will there be a NDA?
A. Closed Beta will not require an NDA. You are welcome to stream, record, and share your thoughts.

Q. Will we be able to invite friends?
A. Players that have registered and received an official Ubisoft invite to the Closed Beta will have the opportunity to invite up to 3 friends. Individuals that are invited by friends will not have access to additional friend invites.

Q. I received a Closed Beta announcement email, but no invite details. Does this mean I didn't get in?
A. These emails are completely separate from invite emails. Invites will be sent early in the week of the beta.

Q. When will invites be sent?
A. Keep an eye on your email for invites early in the week of Jan 26. More details soon.

Q. What content can we expect in the closed beta?
A. 9 playable heroes, 6 maps, 3 game modes, Faction War (See Video for Details) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo9vsMp6HuQ)

Q. Which regions will be supported in the Closed Beta?
A. Region specific details not available at the moment. Check back closer to the start date for a list of supported regions.

Q. Will pre-ordering grant access to the Closed Beta?
A. CB access will not be tied to pre-ordering For Honor. Be sure to sign up over at forhonorgame.com (http://forhonorgame.com) for a chance to join the battle!

Q. What will be the size of the CB download?
A. CB download size will be available closer to the event start date. Will update here once available.