View Full Version : Syndicate for PS4 - $9.99 - Season Pass - $29.99 ????

01-09-2017, 12:27 PM
Wondering if there will be a price reduction in the season pass as you can get the entire game for $10 and even without being on sale you can get it for under $20 from the big A.

I never understood why companies keep the DLC/Season pass price so high compared to the game as the pricing comes down. Really no point in buying it for 3X the cost of the game itself as I highly doubt the DLC packs add as much, or more, gameplay than the original game.

Please don't make this about "Oh the developers need to make money too" as I know that, and they have already. This is about the fact of the DLC packs being so overpriced compared to the actual game right now. When the game was $60, paying $30 for a season pass is not bad but as the game drops in price the season pass just stays the same rather than reducing by the same percentage as the game and that just makes no sense at all.