View Full Version : For Honor objective?

01-08-2017, 10:24 PM
Ok, first off, I'm loving the game. I enjoyed the Alpha and I am looking forward to the Beta and release.
From what I saw of the Alpha content it was pretty much PVP, duels 1vs1, 2 vs 2, 4 vs 4 domination.
Now after seeing recent closed play, there is 4 vs 4 elimination and the PVE added also.

Whilst in the Alpha, there was a little insight into the upgrade system of armour and arms. I remember the crests and colours too.

I remember getting too around lvl 4-8 on a couple of characters, thoroughly enjoying the game and knew I wanted it.

Basically folks, what I am asking here is... What else is there? How much more of the progression system was revealed? Upgrading arms and armour?

What are the objectives? Skill unlocks etc? PVP progression, leagues etc?

I'm asking this with the idea of bringing friends along to the party. I want too inform them of as much as I can so they become foaming at the mouth lunatics in For Honor like I am.

Thank you for any replies alluding to the information requested. I know the info may also be limited.

( I know it's beating the ****e out of each other, but I want to be able to inform friends of the good, rather than just saying...you kill each other😂)

Much appreciated and Knights all day long! Deus Vult!