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01-08-2017, 08:30 PM
Hey everyone,
A few months ago I have decided to play the whole series, from AC 1 to AC Syndicate, in order to find out what my final opinion about the game is.
So far I made it to AC4, and I am wondering, is the Assassins vs Templars story really necessary? I mean, it always felt like a really childish excuse to make an historical themed game. And yeah, I know Ezio. Everybody loves Ezio. Ezio was a decent character indeed, yet playing the Ezio games in 2017 was just a pain in the ***, the engine was really old and primitive, hard to control and exhausting. The setting and the atmosphere though truly were magical, but then again, the story line about the Assassin-Templar war just felt unnecessary and childish- two groups fight for centuries for some Sci-Fi artifacts. C'mon, they're supposed to be historical games after all.
Okay, this may not convince everybody, but I have a better example for how useless this extra storyline is. I think that most peoples' favourite AC game was AC 4, yeah I know that 2 was great and cool, but looking back it was just so much better than the repetitive and boring AC 1, and had a decent setting. That's all. So yeah about AC 4, in AC 4, after Desmond's death, there isn't much of a need to the modern day story, and Ubisoft had wisely put it aside, while the game itself didn't really focus on Assassins and Templars either. And the result? A great game, which is fun to play, attractive and can keep you on your PC/Console for hours.
So yeah, all I wanted to say is that I find the Assassin/Templar plots kinda useless. I think that playing historical games can be great, and even greater without the addition of some alternate history, Sci-Fi stuff.

What do you think? Share your thoughts!

01-08-2017, 11:10 PM
You should have whispered this :)

Personally I dislike the interruptions to my gaming sessions. I have made this point before that.... one moment I'm in the middle of a storm at sea, the waves are washing across the deck, the crew are running around through the sea spray and I'm trying to fire a broadside at a royal ship that is appearing between waves, The wood around me is being splintered by salvo after salvo of cannonballs as I aim my mortars.... then suddenly I'm in an office taking a usb memory stick to a courier instead of repairing my ship and listening to shanty songs as I sail to the next island.

Important points for me....
1, The story about 1st CIV, artifacts and conflict between the assassins / templars IS important... because it tells us why we are doing the historical missions, it tells us how we can go back in time and do not die, just de-sync from the memory (and why/ how to replay the memory) and it gives us an enemy, which allows us to feel we are in the right even when doing wrong (killing bad guys makes us murderers, pickpocketing makes us thieves but we do it for an important bigger reason).

2. Although it is important and sets out all the reasons of why, when and how... I no longer feel it to be a major part of the game... if we ignore the MD cutscenes I'd be surprised if the total amount we actual "play" MD was more than 5 or 6% of the game (BUT lore fans don't hang me just yet, :) see points 4 and 5)

3. The games have sold to millions of fans with different opinions so any small part that is not a favourite of mine I consider it to be an extra in the game that has been designed and included for other fans just as I hope that they do not mind the parts that they may not like best that may well be included for me and others to enjoy. if everyone was allowed to remove one thing from the game that they didn't love... there would be no games left :(

4. A lot of fans are hooked on the modern day side and some automatically look for minor reasons to find fault with any game that doesn't have the "mystery" of the 1st civ etc.... as much as I am not overwhelmed by the MD (modern day) sections, I want ALL fans to be happy, not just my own personal preferences.

5. What causes me a problem between the story and the game, is that they are two separate things, nothing ties them together, one is great action and adventure with a purpose the other is climbing round a cave looking for battery cells or an office or a sports arena.... if the modern day didn't exist at all now, the games would still be awesome but would upset and lose the lore fans. But there is a solution that the Devs have already touched upon and not expanded yet???

6. I think there is a way to make the MD relevant and integral to the game even for us who only are interested in the game itself.
At the start of Unity a lot of people (who posted on this forum) thought (like myself) that we were going to be able to access a few people from the animus memories. Also the rifts allowed us to jump through to a different time. And we could play in co-op. In AC3 we go to the grave and dig up the necklace. Based on those things I think that the MD would be a vital part of the game provided it gave us reasons to return to the present day.

We track artifacts through time and across the world to their last known location then return to MD, leave the animus and race against Templars to collect the item (the objects might be parts of a machine that allows dimensional travel to meet the 1st CIV... or something else).
It would make MD important for ALL fans not just story fans.

Travelling through different times would allow us to meet if not play as previous favourites... we might be a fellow assassin with Altair or one of Ezio's recruits or enemies. We could be Haytham again when he was first trained as a Templar (hurrah for us British ;) ) play as Elise, or one of the founding fathers... Even Desmond, his father or Lucy, maybe Henry Greene as we follow each item to the MD... then we gear up and locate and get the item, from a mansion, museum or templar stronghold. The items could build one machine or part of a machine that is built over a trilogy or series of games or DLC's.

It would also allow us to play some of the original settings and cities again (The upgraded graphics would make some fans very happy) plus we could play against or with friends in missions where we choose to be Assassins or Templars and search for an item while trying to kill the others to make them de-sync/ respawn. there were some missions in Unity that had 4 possible locations for loot, those missions would be epic in a 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 race to find the right treasure first and get back to the start points.

But that is just my idea how we could have a reason to bring the MD back for the story/ lore fans but also make it so the gamers can enjoy it as well.

This is a very good topic and I think it would get a lot of opinions... you might want to post it, or post a link to this thread in the console section as there are lots of PC and console fans over there discussing things and this subject is not just for a specific platform it is for all fans. :)