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01-08-2017, 03:35 AM
I just got siege recently because of a sale and my favorite operators are the spetsnaz. All of their abilities are cool and unique but what I'm finding out is that they are widely considered weak by the community.

Glaz doesnt offer much to his team and feels very underwhelming as a sniper in a game that focuses on close to mid range combat in buildings.

Kapkan traps are almost useless the moment a drone identifies him in prep phase. Its very rare that I actually see or get kills with them.

Fuze was my favorite attacking operator untill I realized most of the maps are difficult to traverse in a way to use cluster charges effectively. But out of all the spetsnaz operators, fuze is probably the strongest and thats saying something.

Our lord and savior and my personal favorite operator in the game Tachanka is, well, tachanka. We all know his weaknesses but it doesnt stop me from playing him. A mounted turret? How ****ing cool is that! Its the most interesting concept in the entire game that was executed poorly.

That was an introduction of sorts so buckle down because this is going to be a long *** post. I'll make it clear where I discuss each operator.


Fuze holds a special place in my heart as the only operator I played back when ubi had those free play days. That was before his buff however and I was pleasently suprised when I was actually getting kills with him. Me and my friend were playing bank on my 5th match or so and I came in through a window above the point. I aced the entire enemy team with two charges, the first one killing 4 people.

But the more I play the less I see that happening. Im not saying fuze should ace entire teams, but its often hard to get kills at all. There's alot going against him here.
Pulse can stop him from scaling bulding
Caveira is caveira (god i hate her)
Mutes signal disruptor
Smokes whatever the **** he put in that canister
Valkryies vision control
And the list goes on but you see my point.

Fuze, imo, is a character that relies on the enemy team being bad to do well. Not only do enemies have to be grouped, they have to be grouped near breakable walls. Using my drone to scout areas and seeing one or two straglers is the only way I actually put cluster charges to use. The only other thing they would be good for is checking rooms which isnt their intended purpose.

So we have a really cool operator that relies on the enemy being bad. This is unhealthy in itself. But how do we fix it?

Fuze grenades are strong af. Despite what I mentioned above, I don't think the grenades are the problem. The problem is I cant use said grenades reliably because of two reasons.

Fuzes weapons are subpar at best. LMGs are inaccurate and take long as hell to load which makes them impractical. The only weapon worth using is the AK-12. The guns stats seem decent but the one giant problem is the recoil. You shoot two shots from the thing at someones chest and the third shot is somewhere in the ceiling (yes its an exaggeration I tend to do that). The damage and fire rate are fine but the amount of recoil even when just burst firing makes the 30 round clip feel like nothing. So many shots go wasted unless youre single firing. The AK-12 shouldnt, imo, be a top tier gun, but it should at least be able to be burst fired with a little recoil managment.

The next big problem is how easy it is to hear him coming. Why does he have three armor and only one speed? Think about it logically for a second. To effectively use his ability, he has to be close to a wall/window and needs the element of suprise. Anyone with a cheap headset can react fast enought to get away from the wall he's at. Considering that he moves so slowly, it is painfully difficult to flank enemies which should be a strong point of his. I personally believe he should be a two armor two speed operator. It makes the most sense for his character and what his intended play style should be.

Thats it for Fuze, but now onto Glaz.


I actually really enjoy playing Glaz. He's really effective on maps like favela or house. But that's about it. What makes Glaz so weak though? Well the fact that he's a sniper and every map is indoors is the root of the problem. Favela and house are great maps for him because there's plenty of ways to see into the building from outside and theres several breakable walls.

Similar to Fuze, there are two main problens with Glaz.

I'm not taking credit for this idea because I saw it in a youtube video. The youtuber (sorry forgot his name) mentioned that the scope, Glaz's ability, should be an attachment on his gun. He shouldn't need an ability to use it. This leads into my idea. Glaz needs a completely new ability.

Give him a pulse like affect on his scope. When he's looking through it the player, and only the player, should get a small indicator if there's an enemy behind something he's looking at. But not as a permanent ability. I hate everything about caveira but the way her ability works would be a great model for other abilities. Make it so he only sees the indicator for about 10 seconds or so and give it a small cooldown. This would help immensly with his sniping and the player could provide good callouts which would make Glaz a better team player. Theres several ways to balance this too like not making the indicator real time or making it only show the first enemy.

The second main problem with Glaz is the maps. While I know it sounds weird to change maps based on one character, theres a couple of ways to do this. The maps in question dont have elevated positions which makes Glaz almost unplayable on them. The three maps I'm talking about are Consulate, Oregon, and Border.

These maps all have no or very minimal elevated positions that look inside. This could be changed easily by making use of the maps. Oregon has a windmill that can be moved slightly and given a platform to shoot from. Consulate doesn't have much but there are those outpost around the edges that can simply be made to grapple up on. Border only has the one good spot which only overlooks one point.

The list was larger but I found more spots through investigation, like on the side of Bartlett U. (Huge credit to the design team its probably the best map Ive ever played in an fps). I also excluded maps where the intended purpose was to be solely enclosed such as yacht and bank.

That concludes the section on Glaz and next is Kapkan.

KAPKAN aka Free +10 for enemy team

Kapkan is falls under the same category as Fuze for me. He relies solely on the enemy team being bad. There isnt much to say about his weaknesses because they're pretty aparent. The fact that breaching tools of any kind can destroy kapkan traps without people even knowing they're there makes it difficult to ever get kills. The enemies dont have much to worry about once they identify a kapkan. His and tachankas weapons are pretty good. The smg feels great to use. But There are, once again, two ways I can think of to improve kapkan.

Give him a few more traps. The great thing about this is that you can just give him one or two and monitor how he does with the small increase. Then just keep going till youre happy with his power level. But what will giving him more traps do if they get destroyed so easily anyway?

Good Kapkan players put traps in unsuspecting spots and thats where their kills come from. This is difficult on larger maps where you dont have as much time to set up good traps because of the time limit and his speed. Thats what he needs to effectively use traps. He should, like fuze, be a 2 armor 2 speed operator because thats what makes the most sense for his character. This will give him the much needed mobility to make better use of his hopefully extended amount of traps.

This leads on to the last spetsnaz operator.

TACHANKA aka The literal god

Man do I love this guy. You couldnt make a cooler gameply concept than this big russian dude carrying around a WW2 machine gun if you tried. But while his concept is good, his actual gameplay is lacking. These buff ideas are going to sound big so take that how you will, but no matter how large these buffs, vision will still be the easiest way to deal with him.

Lets talk about his turret. This is the single handed most satisfying thing to get kills with in the entire game. The sound it makes and watching the magazine spin every shot makes it sooooo cool. But there are two main problems (shocker) with his turret.

The recoil is MASSIVE. I dont mean big or large or huge, I mean its almost unmanagable. You absolutely have to burst or single fire this thing to have any chance at taking out targets. The recoil needs a massive buff imo. Lets think about this. The gun is mounted on a tripod to make it more stable and tachanka, who has three armor and must be a ripped dude, is putting both his arms into it. There is no reason the shots should be going that high. I think the accuracy is fine but the recoil is ridiculous and hurts the enjoyment of using a FULLY AUTOMATIC Machine gun.

The next big problem is the damage. You force the operator to sit in one spot, which I don't mind. But to be effective, if he's going to be handicapped that hard, his LMG should do more damage than an assault rifle. The recoil already makes it harder to hit consecutive shots, and should only take two or three shots medium range to down someone. For all the weaknesses of having a stationary ability, he should be compensated by having good damage and overall better stats on his gun.

There are two more buff ideas for tachanka but the ones listed above make sense and should be implemented in the game. These last two are a little wierd so think about them.

Give tachanka a kind of like passive effect where he gets a fourth armor stat. As it stands now people peek corners and put 4 shots into his leg to kill him. If he had just slightly more armor with better recoil, he could fight back.

Give his turret the ability to peek slightly. Not as much as when youre not on the lmg, but enough to turn a corner slightly. That has obvious advantages and wouldnt make him so much of a sitting duck.

That does it for the buff ideas. I am a bit biased on this topic obviously but I think these are good changes for the game. The only buff I mentioned that seems huge is tachankas turret but I strongly believe the recoil should be reduced. And by reducing the recoil to make it eaiser to land shots, a damage buff probably wouldnt be needed. Thanks for reading.