View Full Version : Looking for Esl/ Pro League team

01-08-2017, 02:11 AM
gamertag: RORlogic
Rank: Diamond
Hours played: over 400

I have great map knowledge, I win most of my 1v1 gun battles but i am a christmas noob (i was a pc diamond) so getting used to the controller
is still a work in progress. I think im ready though to enter the Xbox One esl scene and will be happy to get the chance to play for you.

01-19-2017, 02:44 PM
Hi Logic,

join us what country are you from?

me and my friend have been playing since launch of the game on XBOX ONE our experience varies I want to be more competitive where as my mate was a competitive gamer so we both are mixed skills really.

we have setup a new team / clan its called hostility and if interested i will link you.

Also if you dont mind by creating a new account with hostility in the gamertag so we can keep it consistent if its not a problem. I've just created my Hostility gamertag and wow its like playing from launch again lol

Kind Regards

Hostility Rage

01-23-2017, 04:22 AM
My friend and I are look for members for our clan. We have many months of game-play and many strategies as well as map knowledge.We also plan on doing youtube as well and starting up a clan channel and posting. We have a good editor and designer so he can do that for us. We are nice guys, we don't care if u cant clutch a 1v5. We care that you put you absolute most effort and try. We are the same age as you

5 Codes:
Strength-Keep fighting and play strong
Courage- Go head first if you have too
Resilience-Don't Loose hope
Intimidation- Don't let others intimidate
Golden Rule: We play as team and We go out as a team.

My rank: Platinum 3 rank 122
My friends: Platinum 3 rank 118