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01-07-2017, 02:05 AM
I'm having a hard time remebering correctly but I went over some of my notes and I believe I already gave feedback on it but I wanted to bring something up.
While outnumbered you can block or parry incoming attacks from both players if the timing of those attacks are close enough together. You can also still tech guardbreaks from an incoming opponent in much the same way, seeing as how 2 players can't both simultaneously guardbreak you or guardbreak a guardbroken player it works to the same extent IF they both choose to guardbreak.

Now my memory isn't the sharpest having not played the game in some time but I believe if 1 opponent guardbreaks you and the other opponent attacks you then you are forced to eat some form of damage. (Yes, guardbreaks don't inherently do damage, I'm aware. But there are garunteed follow ups that do damage you)
So your options are.
1.tech the guardbreak from Opponent A and get hit by Opponent B
2.decide to block the attack of opponent B, get guardbroken, get hit by Opponent B, then Opponent A gets to throw you or is garunteed some other damage on you.
3.Read 2 seperate kinds of attacks simultaneously and backdash IF you're out of range to dodge.

While I understand outnumbered fights are meant to be particularly hard (I love them personally, bring on the ganks) this situation (if I'm recalling correctly) is not counterable. Although it would require coordination between the 2 opponents it is still unable to be countered by all characters (orochi's stormrush is about the only thing I can think of right now which makes up for 1 character with a possible solution)

So I'm asking the community here to set me straight if I'm wrong because hey, it's been a while. But if I'm not, I think we should address this problem as it could pose to make every outnumbered fight a garunteed loss; this would have a mild effect in Dominion but Brawl could take a greater hit.

Should teching a guardbreak also block incoming attacks? How could this be changed? Should it be changed?

01-07-2017, 02:30 AM
Isn't that the point of a 2v1 though? If being guard broken from one played meant not being able to take damage from another then it wouldn't really make much sense since you'd just treat that situation as a 1v1 then.

It would (so it seems) make guard breaking redundant then in a 2v1 since the 2 would be at a disadvantage vs the 1 in that scenario.

And this is where parry/deflects could into play. Parries give a longer stagger window right? So parry one attack, get broken take that damage and carry on. Sounds like the best solution.

Other solutions are retreat to a deathtrap/ledge location/narrow space and fight them there. Or call for help.

If no help comes or there isn't any then well.....you have revenge mode. And if that doesn't work or you don't have it then you've already (or your team/buddy) screwed up way before entering a 2+v1 scenario.