View Full Version : AC: ROUGE ACTIVATION CODE issue

01-06-2017, 04:40 PM
So I'm rather new with the game and I got the game for my birthday but there's a problem. I opened the game and there was nothing in it just the CD and I found it odd because usually you get like brochures and the activation code on it but I didn't so I assumed there isn't one. And when I installed I installed it I noticed that you actually need it and now I'm confused because no one on the internet had the same problem when I googled it so this doesn't happen a lot or there is an activation code but you aquire it some other way- And now my question is if the game is supposed to have the act. code in the box or you get it through email or sth? and sorry for my oblivion but I'm new to this haha

01-06-2017, 05:43 PM
Usually the activation code is written in the manual or inside the cd cover. If someone bought this for you as a birthday present they may have accidentally bought a used disk without the activation code... If that is the case then it is only useful as an installation disk and the game cannot be accessed without buying a code sorry. The code can be bought from the ubi store or there are a few respectable places where it can be bought for a few $