View Full Version : AC3 free(thanks) but disappointing as expected

01-05-2017, 02:56 PM
I gave the game a chance but as expected the quality quickly drops off.

Like most Ubisoft titles there is no polish after the first few hours of gameplay (after most reviewers are expected to stop playing)

I found I could crash the game by visiting places I wasn't expected to go. I found increasing amount of glitches.

Overalll this giveaway proves what I always expected.

Ubisoft don't have passion for games,

01-06-2017, 03:25 AM
my review

played 4 times on the fifth replay.

Quality excellent throughout. Game has never crashed in over 120 hours of gameplay and I've been everywhere. Never found a glitch apart from nvidia drivers causing artefacts and colour problems

Overall this giveaway proves what I always expected Ubisoft are very generous, they gave away 7 games, they give away games and collectibles in podcasts and twitch streams, they give away keyboards and clothing. free maps in R6 and support gamers through a star player program.... much better than other companies and much better than a few actually know...

People who don't have passion for their work do not stay in business for long... these gift games are celebrating Ubisofts 30 years of passion for gaming. If you do not think Ubisoft are passionate you should go to a games event and talk to their staff, or watch their staff talk about the projects they are working on.