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12-31-2016, 12:59 PM
Hello there,

I recently bought the Assassin`s Creed Animus Pack. They advertise the pack with "all games - all expansions - all content".
My problem is that the Animus Pack is incomplete. For example I missing the Season Pass and every other DLC for Assassin`s Creed Black Flag or I missing the DLC Dreadfull Crimes for Assassin`s Creed Sydicate. I think there are more content missing when I am looking deeper into it.
So are they advertising the Animus Pack wrong or is this a bug and someone has this problem/bug too?
I appreciate every answer.

Kindly regards

12-31-2016, 01:44 PM
Can you link to where it says "all games - all expansions - all content"
I've seen a few others having technical difficulty getting ACIV Black Flag's Freedom Cry to show up in the games menu but you need to go through support to fix that. As for The dreadful crimes it is not part of the season pass. All the DLC was announced and the season pass included everything. The PS4 owners were given a promotional extra (the dreadful crimes) which was undoubtedly paid for by sony so as to promote sales of the PS4 over the Xbox.

PC owners pleaded, begged and petitioned for the Dreadful crimes to be converted from ps4 to pc... Ubisoft made it but as it took work above and beyond the existing game and is not part of the season pass agreement, it was sold separately so that people could buy it without having to buy a season pass, or limited edition. So it's an extra they made later.

I like the Snake Plissken reference... 2 great films :)

12-31-2016, 02:36 PM
Thank u very much strigoi1958.

I have taken a screenshot from ubilauncher where u can cleary see the advertising.
Didnt know that about Dreadful Crimes BUT when they advertising "all games - all expansions - all content" so Dreadful Crimes should be in there because IT IS content. That what I and many others would think by that advertise.

Here is my screenshot:


12-31-2016, 02:53 PM
Oh I see, what I think they are saying is All game, all expansions and All DLC are in the sale... so they're all discounted, I don't think they're saying they're included in the animus packs... but maybe you could ask support, open a ticket and say you bought it, because you thought it included dreadful crimes

Anyway Frohes neues Jahr

12-31-2016, 03:01 PM
Already done and waiting for an answer.

When u ask me what I see by that advertise is that the Animus Pack is on sale like the gold, silver and bronze pack with their individual content. It is cleary stated that "all games - all expansions - all content" is included in the Animus Pack and the picture shows the Animus Pack.

Here is another screenshot where it says "all games - all expansions - all content":


12-31-2016, 03:25 PM
For me I see the Assassin's creed sale, Animus packs in the sale, all games are in the sale, all expansions are in the sale and all content are in the sale. But I can see how it could be seen differently.. someone could buy the cheapest (bronze) animus pack and say I want all the games, expansions and content but I don't think it would work unfortunately :)

But it's worth mentioning it to support, they may change the wording and possibly gift you the dreadful crimes if you have bought the animus pack believing it was included... it's on around €3 I think so maybe... Ubisoft are very generous so who knows. Viel Erfolg!

01-01-2017, 01:14 AM
Yep, OP definitely got a point there especially with an original price tag like that.

I don't know what the (consumers) legal situation is in Germany about false advertising but OP should let us know about the outcome of his negotiation.