View Full Version : Tactical Gaming: Steep Community Looking for Members!

12-31-2016, 08:37 AM
Hey guys I'm TG_Nick from Tactical Gaming and I'm SUPER excited to say that we now have a Steep division! If you play Steep on either PC or PS4, and are looking for people to play with, then consider joining us! We play together twice a week scheduled, but there are always people online if you're looking to go shredding! We have plenty of members from both NA and EU, so of course "practice" times are different for members on either side of the Atlantic. If you are interested in joining, check us out at tacticalgaming.net/hq and be sure to use TG_Nick as a referral (it just makes life easier for the admins) when you sign up for the Steep division! We also have a discord to join, https://discord.gg/haRKRJ8 so really just come give us a shot! See you on the slopes!