View Full Version : Why not have Mash-Ups in Just Dance 2017 for Xbox 360?

12-30-2016, 03:06 PM
Hello everyone.

I recently bought the game Just Dance 2017 for my Xbox 360 and I imagined that this game would be limited. But I did not know how much.

And I was very disappointed when I realized that the game did not come with Mash-ups! Why?

I read in other posts that in the New Generation consoles the Mash-ups are Streamings. But anyway! The previous issues (JD2015-2016), for the Old Generation, came with the Mash-ups!

And there is more, this version of the game for the Old Generation, is horrible. Well worse than JD2016, because the videos are at 30FPS and not at 60, the World Dance Floor did not come with any improvement and the failures in motion capture with Kinect, for choreographies with more than 2 players, are unbearable... Anyway.

I wanted an answer to all these problems, I already opened a Ticket through Support, but they only gave me that typical standard response.

And those who want to add more problems, please, be free!