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12-30-2016, 07:24 AM
I am not sure what groups of people existed around the same time as Knights, Vikings, and/or Samurai but in the long term if Ubisoft were to add another faction I would hope to look for an Indian tribe, Egyptians, or another Asian culture. My post comes off of the idea that the heroes are built around their legendary weapons such as the Long sword, the katana, the flail, and the double handed axe, ect.

Some ideas for weapons that heroes might be built around are the Khopesh, the Pernach, and the Kusarigama.
-The Khopesh was an Egyptian weapon featuring a curved blade used for disarming. It was like the shape of a sickle and was buried with ancient pharaohs.
-The Pernach was a sort of flanged mace that was used throughout Europe in the 12th Century
- Lastly the Kusarigama is the weapon used by ninjas featuring a sickle. A chain would be attached to the end of the shaft and on the end of the chain would be an iron weight or dagger of sorts. (I encourage everyone to look up what these are to get a better look at them)

When thinking about new faction ideas for something like an elite Indian tribe, I like to imagine something along the lines of the Amazons or Dothraki in Game Of Thrones. Here, the Khopesh could be implemented as well as the Kusarigama. However, I understand that the game is focused around the 3 main people that had actually existed. Hence, not knowing what groups existed around the same time as the 3 factions and could sport all of these weapons.

These weapons could also just be implemented into the already existing factions to create more Heroes of unique abilities. As I do not think that the idea of an elite Indian tribe or Egyptian group will hold any weight.

Regardless, I am super hyped for the game and cannot wait to play! :D