View Full Version : Cannot unlock 'You're Ready Now' action and achievement

12-29-2016, 06:32 AM
Hi all,

I've seen versions of this thread already posted, but I wanted to include as much detail regarding the error as possible.

I am a good 10 hours into Steep on the PS4, but I cannot unlock the 'Now You're Ready' achievement and action on the PSN network and Ubisoft Club respectively.
I completed the tutorial sequence and got the opening intro movie which essentially marks the end of the tutorial sequence. There's no way to go back over the tutorial sequence either.
Have I done something wrong? I've watched videos online of others completing the level and I did everything they did.

If it's helpful, when I came back to do the first few tasks again (to see if I missed anything), Dexterity Shift and Wildlands were both locked. I had to go back and scout Refuge De Lessy again. This is weird, because you cannot progress the tutorial sequence without doing this. It also took a good two hours of gameplay before my Ubisoft Club actions started registering in the game, even though I was online the whole time and had redeemed the free credits and helicopter rides.

I started on 24/12/2016 - were there errors with the network on that day?

Any help is good help. I've seen this error on the forums across multiple platforms, but there's been no replies other than to say that others are experiencing the same issue.



12-29-2016, 08:15 AM
Please disregard this thread. I've re-posted it in the thread below as more information can be found there as well as a workaround.