View Full Version : Great game, Ubisoft

12-27-2016, 05:08 AM
Like the title says, great game Ubisoft. Far Cry Primal is a very fun game with more challenging combat than simple run-and-gun, the environments are absolutely breathtaking, and whoever at Ubisoft came up with the idea to ride the larger animals deserves a raise at the very least. It also ranges from exhilarating to terrifying to hunt at night, sometimes both. I like the designs of both the Neanderthal-like Udam and the Aztec-like Izila tribes, as well as the prehistoric weapons at Takkar's disposal. I was skeptical at first about your decision to have the latest Far Cry take place in prehistoric times, but my opinion began to change after seeing that you could both tame animals and ride the larger ones. What completely changed my mind was when I saw it in action, courtesy of JackSepticEye. Despite the (understandable) absence of any guns, I believe Primal is now my favorite Far Cry. Thanks for the fun and addictive game, Ubisoft.

P.S.: Is it weird that I find Sayla incredibly attractive?