View Full Version : [2] Watch_Dogs 2 (what it requires and lacks)

12-26-2016, 11:42 AM
Watch Dogs 2:

+ Sniper challenges
+ Show special events and their progress, like "T-Bone Challenge" in Ubisoft (Shft+F2)
+ (allow/ non-allowed) In-game chat to multiplayer team mates. So we both don't do our own think in a multiplayer activity, so we work as a team more.
+ More Easter Eggs from other famous Ubisoft games, like "Assassin's Creed".
+ Maybe some single player challenges where you can "self order" a hacker group, to *IDK* infiltrate a new Blume HQ.
+ I've been playing AC recently and I remembered how fun it was to use the rope dart and "that" rope grapple from 3 & Syndicate. Maybe a futuristic lazar version.
+ Defiantly another hackable, player controlled toy. I'm thinking a machine/ sniper sentry gun, with lethal and stun capabilities.
+ Make the "Hacker View" more easy to actually see objects.
+ HAHAHA, It would be so awesome if not only 'Scout X' could find landmarks but ancient hacker symbols (like AC2) with the "Eagle/ Hacker Vision". Maybe a new app?
+ Be able to take citizens hostage in cars, Surrender to police then they take you to HQ and THEN with escorts you loose (If you don't escape)
+ More things!!! Tanks, OP Security Guards, Marcus's PC, Viewable TV shows, Pocket Security Cam Gadgets, Police have wheel clamps for cars, 4th weapon slot, and more...

P.S I know u cant add everything Ubisoft, don't wanna rune the game. But please consider this stuff, W_D2 just came out so there is still loads of time for updates. Thx.

- Ethan Antoniades :cool: