View Full Version : TEAMGOLD looking for crew!

12-25-2016, 03:25 AM
PC, PlayStation, Xbox ALL WELCOME in one place :eek:

Treamgold is looking for a crew to rock For Honor and any other games you come across! Yes you read right, 1 word, Teamgold, not Team Gold.

a community selling aftermarket car parts, hosting shows and events, designing and bringing photography and custom work to the car scene loves to be loud, rage hard, drink beer, look at girls, and kill people in video games!

Want to join?


1 - must ALWAYS have an active mic, communicating and talking in game
2 - ABSOLUTELY no negative feedback towards one another unless busting balls and having fun
3 - you ARE NOT better than anybody else, cocky, arrogant, show off personalities will be forbidden and blocked
4 - BE one of the best among your friends, whether a positive K/D, or good objective game-play supporting your team
5 - KILL SH*T!

this will be an online gaming crew and tight fam to participate in multiple games AND across multiple platforms. Race, shoot, dive, run, and crawl through any game we can come across and be on top - because we we LOVE GOOOOOOLLLDDD


- Steep
- Forza 5
- Overwatch
- Mortal Kombat X
- Titanfall 2
- Guitar Hero LIVE

>> everything from shooter to strategy coming soon! As well as dabbled PC game-play currently including Dishonored 2

In gold we trust