View Full Version : [XBOne] Can't get out of sugars relics

12-24-2016, 05:34 AM
I am really Stuck here, I think the system may be suffering a glitch.

I started the mission and reached a point where I need to find the 2 relics but I can't figure out where they are.
I have watched the videos and reached both points but the interact symbol does not come up.

I figured I missed one of the clues so I back tracked it and can't find another clue, shouldn't the game only tell me to find the relics after I have found the clues and triggered the relic search?
I can't move on and I can't travel back to paris while in this mission, I may have to quit the first version of assassin's creed I have ever played at only 28% done, this sucks, please help me.