View Full Version : Registering for the Closed Beta

12-22-2016, 09:47 PM
How do I register for the closed beta or check if i have already registered? When i sign in on the 'Sign Up for Beta' page, it says im already registered when i click register. However, when i go onto the account management page and look at my beta access, it says i do not have any access to any alphas or betas at the moment. Can someone please help?

12-22-2016, 10:29 PM
There aren't any Betas or Alphas at the moment. Not sure what you are confused about.

12-23-2016, 12:37 AM
Lol, to help clarify more than poor opto did...

When it says you're already registered it means just that. Your account is in the system.

When you go to your account and it says you don't have access, it literally means, you do not have access to the beta.

Now for example, say they announce closed beta. You can go to your account and see if you have access. If you do, it'll show up in the same area that it told you previously that you didn't have access.

We good?