View Full Version : Racing issues that should be corrected

12-21-2016, 10:35 PM
There are a few poorly thought out mechanics that primarily affect races.

I suspect that these are a much bigger issue on a PC than they can be on a console, and it is not a matter of processing power. My rig is an i7-6850K CPU, MSI X99 Carbon MB, 32GB RAM, GTX 1080, SSD for C: drive and WD Black drives for the D: drive. These days you can get outpower that, but we are probably talking of less than 1% of PCs that are used for this game.

I also love racing, when it is fairly realistic. Back when I had a console I was a complete addict of the Gran Turismo series. So don't take these complaints as an indication of someone who just dislikes racing.

So on to the flaws:

- Track garbage. The various races are littered with garbage that get in the way. Trees, stumps, logs, trash cans, people, or worse... random cars that might be there one race and not the next. Races are supposed to be about thinking out your path, outwitting the opponents, positioning yourself so that when you take that curve... you get the fastest path and force the opponent to take a longer one, and so on. Races are not about randomly encountering trash that distracts you from what matters.

- Random collision physics. Impact with other objects makes no sense. One time you hit an object hard and it barely affects your trajectory, the next you barely touch something and you are ejected sideways like if had been sideswiped by a MAC truck.

- Horrible WASD control (at least on a PC). It is all or nothing. It makes taking turns or accelerating "just right" extremely hard. Sometimes you press and press on that A/D and the thing won't turn, others you barely touch it and you slam turn sideways like if you had hacked R/F on an unsuspecting vehicle.

The net result is that racing in WD2 is extremely frustrating. You spend most of the time fighting your controller and road trash and very little doing real racing.

I am a completionist, so I am going to do all the required races to achieve 100%, but man, I positively absolutely utterly hate WD2's racing mechanics. And I'm willing to bet that I'm not alone. I hope the developers consider this matter and address it.


- I missed one: In a PC there seems to also be a delay between hitting a key and the command taking effect. It makes it a royal pain to control a fast moving vehicle (i.e.: a motorcycle) in a tight path. You barely touch the key to stay in the path... and you slam something outside the path... with a HARD WIRED keyboard, so we can't even blame the wireless technology for it.