View Full Version : For Honor- feedback after the testrun

12-20-2016, 05:55 PM
First of all, Thank you Ubisoft, for giving me a chance to try out the game before the release, I liked it. I am a big fan of competitive games, I think I'm pretty good at them, and especially I like action genre.
I liked For Honor, because of it's style it's "easy to understand but hard to master" gamestyle, and the well balanced 4v4 player matches. Not too much, not too less. The character concepctions are good, there are some variation with the characters, the items gave you some space to make character customization.
But now I will speak about the things what needs changing from my point of view:
- The dodge register: I felt too many times, that I hit dodge, and the game didn't registered it, and I had to press it five-six times, spend about a second or two to finally dodge. Not after being hit, or got guard breaked, just before he/she started the attacks. In a gam where even a half second means victory or lose this screws up a lot of thing.
- Leaving the combat, escaping: This is somehow joins the last post. The situation: I duel with someone, but I notice an enemy dot on the radar, I press guard mode, to toggle it off, then I press dodge to roll backward, then sprint away. The problem is, after I left guard mode, the character is still facing the enemy for a sec or two, then it's allows me to dodge, and run away. When an enemy is sprinting at you, to gangrape you, and you only have a second to do something about it, this feature is very anoying. When I turn off guard mode, I do it because I want to do something instead of facing the enemy. Because the character doesn't act like I order it, I feel like I don't have a full control over him/her. And in competitive gameplay, this feature is realy a bad thing.
- The "doesn't work" bug: I encountered it a lot of time, that after a guard mode, for some reason, I cant do anything. I can move, but the game doesn't register the mousemove, the dodging, or the attacking comand. I have to turn off, then turn in the guard mode. In competitive game,when I notice this, after the enemy started the attack, makes it frustrating, and in a competitive game this is unacceptable.
- Dodge or Roll: I have found out, if you press dodge button twice, you first dash backward, then roll, in guard mode. But that doesn't works all the time. This feature should be reworked to make it fucntioning properly, because there are attacks, where a simple dashback doesn't give you the space do you need.
This is all I have in mind right now, I hope you will check this, and reconsider what I've wrote, and have a discussion about it.