View Full Version : [Oculus_Rift] PSA: How to fix the quiet mic issue on Oculus Rift!

12-19-2016, 02:40 PM
So, mostly anyone who's been in a crossplay match with anyone in a Rift knows that the Rift headset produces *nutty*-quiet sound to the point that it's almost impossible to play with people in a Rift.

The fix is easy! I recently discovered it! All'ya gotta do is right-click the speaker icon by clock in the bottom right corner, poke Recording Devices, right-click the Rift's microphone, go to the Custom tab and check the box there. Ba,m! Just as loud as the PS4 and Vive guys!

This box randomly gets unchecked at the end of every match and at random periods throughout the lobby, but almost never during the match. Gotta keep re-checking it, but you don't have to press "OK" after; just checking it is sufficient, so you can leave the window with the checkbox in it up and just click once real fast to fix it when it goes down.

That's all!